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2015. Three key events:

– The launch of our amenities in Spain.

– The opening of the American and Mexican markets to our brand.

– The launch of our online store in both Europe and the United States.

2014, an important year for VIÑALI, in particular these three events:

– Redesign of our brand image.

SPA line launch.

Opening of the English market.

2013. A new product is launched, Soin Corps. A body moisturizer developed to nurture and care for your skin. It is composed of the purest and healthiest grape extracts and other wonderful active ingredients.

2012. After a memorable 2011, at VIÑALI we continue to work hard to emphasize the quality of our formulas, resulting in the launch of a new product: Soin Mains. A restorative and nourishing hand cream composed of the finest natural ingredients from organic and natural cosmetics, incorporating grape seed oil as a main component.

2009, An important year for VIÑALI: Our first two products, Soin Visage and Huile des Vignes are launched into the Spanish and French markets. Both are considered to be the first successes of Aloscora Laboratories.

2006. After a year of hard work, we are proud to present VIÑALI Cosmetics. The world’s first organic vino-cosmetics brand.

2005. The idea of VIÑALI is materialized through the creation of Aloscora Laboratories.

2003. The idea of creating Aloscora Laboratories arises from the union between the Lopez de la Osa family (founders of the Valsardo Peñafiel winery in Ribera del Duero in 1927 and pioneers of research into the antioxidant powers of wine at their own laboratory) and Marie-Sixtine de Coral, a French entrepreneur with extensive background in the cosmetics industry