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Sends & Returns


  • Orders

Any order implies the acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

The buyer agrees that the seller’s registration systems are of probationary value pertaining to the type of transaction and date of said transaction.

In case of unavailability of one or more products in an order, the buyer will be notified by email once the order has been processed. The order amount will be recalculated and the new amount will feature the subtraction of the price of the unavailable product from the previous total. If none of the products ordered are available, the buyer will be notified by email and no amount will be charged to the buyer’s account, thereby cancelling the entire order.

The buyer may cancel an order placed on the website by contacting the customer service telephone number: 91 367 8301 or by sending an email to: within the maximum amount of time as dictated by the law. If the customer service department informs the buyer that the order has been processed, the order may not be canceled. In this case, the buyer can send back the package once it’s been received.

Nonetheless, the seller reserves the right to suspend or cancel orders from any buyer who has a pending case for nonpayment of previous orders or any other legitimate reasons due to discrepancies in the order.

  • Cancellations and Returns

The customer is entitled to return any product as long as the return is processed within the 48 hours after the order is received. In this case, the customer must cover all shipping costs. The value of the purchase will be refunded in full once the product arrives at our warehouse undamaged and in its original packaging. We cannot accept any open products.

However, VIÑALI is responsible for any product that reaches the customer’s hands in poor condition or due to shipment errors. In that case, we will take care of all shipping costs pertaining to the return of the products.