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Resveratrol, a cell regenerator

Skin aging is 80% due to free radicals generated by the sun, pollution, smoking and other external aggressions. Grape polyphenols are highly efficient in combating cellular oxidation. They act as free radical scavengers in order to prevent skin deterioration.

One of the main polyphenols found in grapes is Resveratrol, scientifically named trans-3,5,4′-trihidroxiestilbene. The exceptional virtues of this molecule are linked to the vine’s own defense mechanisms. It is produced naturally by the vine to protect itself from pathogens such as bacteria and fungi.


After years of research at the Valsardo cellars’ laboratory in Peñafiel, homeland to VIÑALI’s founders, a process was discovered and patented that allows for grapes to increase their Resveratrol quantities by 10%. In biodynamic vine agriculture, no chemical products are used, thus obliging the plant to protect itself naturally. In order to ensure its organic defense, vines generate a surplus of Resveratrol.

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It is thanks to these numerous years of research that VIÑALI’s organic skincare line provides highly antioxidant products. Free radicals are eliminated from the surface of the skin, which becomes firmer, smoother and protected. Wrinkles blur and cells self-regenerate. Grape Resveratrol is the perfect component of anti-aging skincare products.