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Soin Visage

Protective and antioxidant daily facial moisturizer.

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Product Description

A daily antioxidant facial moisturizer whose smooth formula is enriched with Resveratrol and includes all of its restorative and antioxidant properties. It allows for your skin to activate its own protection system and aids in cell regeneration. Detoxified, your skin is radiant and beautiful.


Additional Information

Active Ingredients

Red Grape Extract Has tonic, astringent and antioxidant properties. A daily use protects the skin against external oxidative stress. Sweet Almond Oil Has emollient and anti-inflammatory properties which help damaged skins to recover their softness. Jojoba Oil Vitamin E rich, regulates hydration and naturally restructures the skin. Acts as an antioxidant to delay skin-aging.


Apply morning and night. For extra dry and damaged skins, we recommend to add a drop of Huile des Vignes to the cream for night application. Before using Soin Visage, it is necessary to cleanse the skin with Savon Naturel VIÑALI to ensure deep penetration of all active ingredients. Once the skin is perfectly clean, apply a knob of cream on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Massage in circles, always from the middle of the face outward, until the cream has completely soaked in. Start from the nose to the cheeks and upper lip, and finish on the chin. Smooth the forehead, starting at the eyebrows and towards the hairline. To complete the routine, do not forget circular ascendant and descendant movements on the neck and décolleté.

"Airless" Bottle

For optimal preservation of the Soin Visage skincare, VIÑALI has chosen the pioneering “airless” technology. The cream is protected from air oxidization and contaminants. Grape antioxidants keep all their beneficial effects on the skin. To trigger the pump at first use, sharply shake the bottle or give it a short shock at the bottom. The cream is dispensed at a perfect amount and the quality of active ingredients is secured until final use.


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