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Our History

VIÑALI is a cosmetics and skincare brand based on the benefits of vines and created by Marie-Sixtine de Coral, a French entrepreneur living in Spain. Marie-Sixtine de Coral worked for various high-end cosmetics brands for several years before she decided to embrace and dedicate her time to organic cosmetics.

Since 2003, Marie-Sixtine de Coral is part of the Lopez de la Osa family, traditional winemakers in the Ribera Del Duero region of Spain, who founded the first biodynamic estate in the area back in 1995.

Pioneers in research for vine’s anti-oxidant powers and thanks to a number of years of research in their own laboratory, they discovered and patented a method that increases the presence of Resveratrol in their grapes, a powerful antioxidant naturally found in vine stalks.

Thus VIÑALI was created, out of Marie-Sixtine de Coral’s experience in cosmetics, together with research results at the Valsardo estate in Peñafiel