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Our Compromise

The World's First Organic
Vino-Cosmetic Brand

“Our products combine the many benefits found in grapes with various other carefully selected natural active ingredients”.

“We substitute water for Resveratrol-enriched organic grape water in all our formulas. Resveratrol, our flagship ingredient, adds value to skincare products thanks to its detoxifying properties”.

“All our products are made with organic ingredients, perfectly respond to all skin needs and are environmentally friendly”.


100% Organic grape water

At VIÑALI, we’ve replaced water, the main ingredient in skincare products, with antioxidant grape water. This water extract contains essential oils, mineral salts and natural nutrients found in the plant. It acts as a co-active element that helps enhance the fruit’s antioxidant powers. This way, a maximum presence of quality active ingredients in our formulas is guaranteed.

The BIO VINES logo

The BIO VINES logo refers to the origins of our grape-based ingredients. All vines used to extract grape water, as well as red vine extracts, are organic. Our vines are harvested in a natural and biodynamic manner with no chemicals whatsoever.

Organic Vino-Cosmetics

Vino-cosmetics allow us to apply the qualities of natural active ingredients found in wine to high-end cosmetics. Resveratrol, VIÑALI’s flagship active ingredient, is a polyphenol found in vine stalks, which acts as a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. It activates cell regeneration by shielding the skin from environmental stress and effectively prevents skin aging.

All formulas used in our products are made with organic ingredients that respect both the skin and the environment.

Phenoxyethanol free, paraben free, color free, PEG-PPG free, GMO free, petrochemical derivatives free, not tested on animals, recyclable and come in environmentally friendly packaging.